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We have a diverse product and service portfolio. If we had to describe our company with one phrase, it would sound like this: Unity in diversity. There is something common in everything we deal with: expertise and customer satisfaction.
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To what do we owe our customers' trust? We have a diverse product and service portfolio, we provide comprehensive solutions to our customers, starting from ICT solutions to operation and maintenance, system integration and development of custom business applications. This is what we do, but the secret of our success is to be found in "how".
We don't think in projects rather in partnerships. We see the person behind the numbers, this is why we can respond quickly and flexibly meeting all individual customer needs. We have the knowledge to see the whole picture, and we as well have the capacity and capability to pay attention to the details. For us, professionalism is not only reflected in knowledge, but also in attitude. Our goal is to provide our customers long-term competitiveness.

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Enjoy the benefits of modern technology. You can trust our professionalism, we provide, develop and support all-round ICT solutions for your company.
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Gábor Gasztonyi

company manager

Klaudia Véber

managing director

Tibor Besenyi

commercial director

Competitive advantage

We work together with market leader vendors with special partner certificates. Our experienced developer team and engineers realize any kind of customer request.

Take your business communication to the next level

The quality of communication affects the entire operation of your company:
we ensure solid foundations

Solid technological background, quality comes first

Customer retention power

The true success of a company is characterized by the quality of its partnerships. We owe our customer retention power to three factors: expertise, teamwork and flexibility. All are essential to achieve long-term results with our clients.
Professional humility and our commitment to quality help us meet all your needs: get to know our domestic and international references.

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